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Flower Growers in Kenya

WE’RE practically at THE day when millions of us find ourselves heading to the florist (for the more organised of us) or garage or corner shop (for the more forgetful) in search of something floral and maybe fragrant for our mums.

More than £230m is annually spent on seven million plus bunches of flowers to celebrate Mother’s Day but bar wondering whether mum would prefer the simple but radiant daff over a more exotic lily, do we really give the flowers themselves much thought?

Far more goes into creating that bunch of flowers than you might think and it begins long before they are picked and reach the talented hands of floral arrangers.

As a chemical liquid manufacturer specialising in the agrochemical and hortichemical sectors, Grotech Production Ltd knows a bit about making flowers grow. For the last six years we have been producing and packing registered nematicide for flower growers in Kenya that supply to UK supermarkets.

Nematicide targets nematodes, little worms that live in soil and eat the tips of plant roots so that they then grow crooked or distorted. By eliminating the worms, the plants grow more evenly which in the case of flowers, means a better looking crop which is more valuable to the farmer.

At Grotech we can produce nematicide in both liquid and granule form. The liquid product involves a two-stage process including homogenisation to ensure an evenly blended solution. We have been involved in developing the manufacturing process for this almost from the outset and have quality assessment measures in place to ensure a consistent quality product from every batch.

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In the meantime, are you sorted for Mother’s Day yet? Can’t go wrong with a bunch of flowers!