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So What Do We Do With Granules?

So what do you do with granules? We impregnate or coat them! We take an existing granule and spray onto it a liquid containing the active ingredient that is required to be carried by the granule. Sometimes the active sits inside the granule and is eventually washed out by the rain and sometimes it is carried on the outside and rinsed off.

The granules are usually intended to provide a delayed or controlled delivery of the active which may be a pesticide or herbicide, soil improver or fertiliser.

We don’t make the basic granules but we make them carry the active. Sometimes we add a powder to protect the granules from moisture and becoming sticky and sometimes we need to sieve out the larger particles that some granules grow into as they are being processed.

It all starts with the selection of the basic granule for its cost and absorption capacity. The liquid is then formulated to be easily absorbed into the granule or to adhere to the outside of it consistently. Finally, we select a drying agent if required to keep the granules from sticking together.  And we can move on to filling them to packaging of your choice.

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