We are contract manufacturers and packers of powder and liquid formulations for the agrochemical and general chemical applications

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Capacity to mix a range of aqueous and oil-based formulations as solutions or suspensions in batches from 100 – 5,000 litres

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Raw materials are input from kegs, sacks or fIBCs and liquids can be added if required, batch size of 50 kg to 1,000 kg

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Let us work on your ideas with you – our expertise yields added value, our flexibility offers rapid response

ISO certified quality management information

Quality Management

We have manufacturing capacity in solids blending, granulation and repacking and also in liquids formulation, filling and packing.

We can accommodate various end-of-line promotional packaging variants and a range of delivery options from courier to next day pallet delivery in the UK and export shipping containers.

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We have the capacity to mix a range of aqueous and oil-based formulations as solutions or suspensions in batches from 100 – 5,000 litres.

Our equipment is stainless steel, HDPE or polypropylene and we can undertake high shear mixing using an in-line Probst & Claas disintegrator or Silversen homogenisers.

  • Four-head fully automatic filler for 100ml to 10lt
  • Facility for dosing viscous liquids
  • Semi-automatic fillers for 500ml to 20lt containers
  • Additional equipment for capping, induction sealing, ink jet coding, ‘patch’ and ‘wraparound’
    labelling and ‘end of line’ equipment – including shrink wrapping, carton tapers and pallet wrapping
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We can blend powders in batches from 50kg to 1500kg using a ribbon blender or Nautamixer.

Raw materials are input from kegs, sacks or FIBCs and liquids can be added if required. With a batch size of 50kg to 1000kg, depending on bulk density, impregnated or coated granules can be produced in a rotary drum blender. The addition of liquids is achieved by spray nozzles with air micronisation if required, while inter-process transfer is achieved by the ‘tote’ bin system.

Solids packing We can pack container sizes from 50gms to 1000kg with high-fill accuracy. We can also pack kegs, drums and sacks up to 25kg

  • Laminate block bottom bags filled on automatic or semi auto lines
  • Fully automatic bulk-fill and top-up line for jars, bags, boxes, buckets etc. with vibrating settling if required
closeup of test tubes in a rack, filled with different types of liquid

Product Development

Grotech offer development and analytical services to help you reach your formulation and production goals.

Investment in analytical equipment and expertise in analysis methods allow quick assaying of your products and screening of your raw materials, from which we can produce certificates of analysis that you and your customers can trust.

We can help you develop emulsifiable concentrates, liquids, emulsions and powder blends.

Where you have an existing product, which does everything you want on the field, but is awkward to handle due to flow, dustiness, volatility, viscosity etc, then we can help you to tweak your formulations until they are exactly how you want them to be. Let us help you to solve your problem.