About Us

the side of the Grotech Production factory building

Founded in 1977 as Protech Formulations Ltd, Grotech Production Ltd was established in 2002 to further develop Protech’s business as a specialist formulator and packer to the agrochemical industry.

In 1980 Protech Formulations moved to Goole, East Yorkshire, where it operated from a 10,000 sq. ft. factory, with additional warehousing space nearby. In 2005 Grotech Production constructed a purpose-built 12,000 sq ft factory at Britannia Road, Goole whilst retaining the original Larsen Road premises as a warehouse.

old soil association logo

Grotech Production becomes the first contract manufacturer in its sector to gain Soil Association accreditation

picture of Grotech Production staff, 2015

Grotech Production expands to 30 employees with dedicated sales team, production and lab staff

picture of new Grotech Production warehouse

Grotech Production expands with new dedicated warehouse

picture of NIR spectrometer

Grotech Production brings analysis in house with NIR spectrometer

picture of grotech production premises

New dedicated factory built

picture of Grotech Production staff from 2003

Protech Formulations becomes Grotech Production Ltd

Martin Usher holding customer literature

Protech Formulations purchased by Martin Usher

maxicrop logo

Protech Formulations becomes exclusive manufacturer for established brand Maxicrop

picture of 1980 protech formulations premises

Protech Formulations occupies 1,000 square metres for its operations

Founding of Protech Formulations Ltd

We work with a range of multinational ‘Blue Chip’ companies, as well as smaller organisations that do not have in-house production facilities, and our expertise lies in providing a confidential contract service in the formulation and packing of powders, granules and liquids.

With ISO9001:2015 certification, we operate a quality management system to serve clients’ needs from the procurement of materials and packaging to the delivery of finished goods and the invoicing of the client’s customer.

Grotech have manufacturing capacity in solids blending, granulation and repacking and also in liquids formulation, filling and packing, and can accommodate various packaging variants and a range of delivery options from courier to next day pallet delivery in the UK and export shipping containers.

We provide a facility for the manufacture of new products for companies in the nursery development phase. We can use the client’s specifications or work with their R&D team to develop a fit for purpose solution to meet the need.

Innovations, Problems Solved, Value Added

Grotech Production Ltd is committed to contribute added value through problem solving and innovation from the beginning of a relationship with a client. We can:

Undertake a managed formulation or product development project based on an agreed and budgeted brief.

Recommend and source materials or packaging from a wide range of reliable suppliers to meet the required performance requirements.

Solve product performance or marketing problems using our 40 years of experience of blending and packing technology.​

Undertake exploratory blending and packing trials, often at a nominal price or sometimes free of charge.

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Grotech Production are proud to be a member of The 5% Club – a dynamic movement of employer-members working to create a shared prosperity across the UK by driving ‘earn and learn’ skills training opportunities