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Granule Production Services

Grotech Production provide bespoke granule production services via impregnation or coating.  We can source an existing granule and spray onto it a liquid containing the active ingredient.   The granules we produce are usually intended to provide a delayed or controlled delivery of the active for industries such as agrochemicals and micronutrients.

Granule Impregnation
Impregnation is when the active sits inside the granule – and is eventually washed out.  We can source absorbent granules for impregnation according to your requirements – clays, earths or even recycled newsprint. 

Granule Coating
Coating is when the active is carried on the outside of the granule where it can be rinsed off in situ.  We can source impermeable granules to coat according to your requirements – such as sand and gravel. 

Liquids used to make the granules can be supplied in bottles, drums, IBCs and tankers.  Or we can blend the liquid for you here at Grotech – see our Liquid Blending Services Page for more information.

We can use your liquid formulation to make the granules, or we can develop a liquid product to your brief.  Alternatively, our experienced technical team can assist in adjusting the chemistry of your formulation if necessary, to ensure that it is easily absorbed into, or that it consistently adheres to the outside of the granule – depending on whether you would like an impregnation or a coating service.  We can also add hydrophilic or hydrophobic components to help to control the impact of atmospheric moisture on the product.

Post production sieving can be undertaken to ensure consistent granule size and a drying agent can be added if required.

Finished product can be packed a variety of containers including pouches, pails, bags, sacks, kegs, tubs, pots, lined boxed and FIBCs – and into sizes from 100g to 1,000kg.

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Please note we do not handle food/drink, personal care or pharmaceutical products.