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Can You Fill Bags?

A customer might ask: “Can you fill bags?” and the answer is “yes”. But which sort of bags did she mean? Probably not the brown paper ones from the greengrocer. Maybe the paper block bottom type that are used for flour? Can they be made with or without a polythene coating inside, how will they be sealed? Glue or heat sealing the polythene liner? Printed or labelled? Is it totally biodegradable? Including the glue? What about the label, printing, order quantity?

Maybe we have misunderstood one another. Perhaps the bag is a “form, fill seal” bag that is made from a single foil of material or laminate and sealed into a bag shape as it is filled? “No, we can’t do that, but we know a man who can.” But if you want, we can fill and seal a three- sided pouch or a gusseted pouch, or one with a window or one in a silver or gold foil laminate. Gold really makes a splash in some markets. Perhaps you wanted a soluble sachet that dissolves in cold water or was it warm water? Printed or unprinted?

Or did you mean sacks when you said bags? We have all sorts of polythene sacks and bags or lined polypropylene woven sacks that are UN certified and then there are the “big bags” that are like small tents and called FIBCs and have a spout at the top and the bottom.

The thing about bags and sacks is: how big should they be? Its all about bulk density: a kilo of sand takes up a lot less space than a kilo of flour which takes up a lot less space than a kilo of feathers or wool shoddy or saw dust.

So how should the bag be closed? Reusable tie? Heat-seal? Valve? Sewn with or without anti-sift tape? Or would you like it in a box madam? Did we talk about colour or thickness?

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