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Chemical Liquid Blending

CHEMICAL liquid blending is something of a speciality at Grotech Production Ltd. With some 40+ years’ chemical contract manufacturing experience to our name, we can:

  • Blend bespoke liquids in batches from 100-5000 litres.
  • Handle a wide range of aqueous and oil-based formulations.
  • Provide specialist services like re-homogenisation blending, re-suspend separated products and dose viscous liquids.
  • Add value through technical expertise and specialist packaging sourcing.

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How did Grotech Production’s chemical liquid blending expertise help cardboard stainers in Ireland?

grotech helps the world - pile of cardboard

CHEMICAL liquids have a wide range of uses and come in an equally diverse variety of formulations.

As bespoke contract manufacturers and packers to the general chemical industry with some 40+ years’ experience, chemical liquid blending is something of a speciality for Grotech Production Ltd.

At our purpose-built factory in Goole, we have an assortment of liquid mixing vessels including stainless steel, HDPE and polypropylene enabling us to tailor our manufacturing processes to the chemicals being blended whether they be in aqueous solutions, emulsions and emulsion concentrate, suspensions or oil dispersion.

red liquid dye in a petri dish

Whatever your formulation, our experienced technical team has the expertise to either blend liquid products to your exact specification, tweak and improve the workability of your existing recipe or even develop from scratch a new formulation to your brief.

A new brief from an existing customer of 16+ years saw us making a red dye solution for one of their clients who needed a particular concentration to stain cardboard. The project involved dissolving a specific red dye into a suitable acidic solvent.

Getting all the dye to dissolve was a particular challenge and the nature of both the highly staining dye and very odorous solvent made the blended solution difficult to work with. However, our chemists and manufacturing expertise shone through, and some 2,000 litres of the blended product were produced and duly despatched.

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