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IN a world impacted by global warming and with a growing global population to feed, sustainable farming methods with lower carbon intensive operations and more soil friendly methods are the way ahead.

Grotech Production Ltd, with some 40+ years of contract manufacturing and packing experience for the agriculture and horticulture sectors, has long been an advocate for sustainable farming practices but we also believe in taking this a step further in terms of our own operations.

We have reduced our carbon footprint by investing in 157kWp roof mounted solar panels

We were the first contract manufacturer in our sector to achieve Soil Association accreditation in our own right

We have reduced our use of plastic by investing in permanent storage tanks to hold bulk supplies on site

solar panels on the roof of the Grotech building

With a view to reducing our own carbon footprint we have, with financial support from the Hull and East Yorkshire’s LEP’s Growing Places Fund, a capital investment programme to enable business growth in the region, invested some £116,000 in 157 kWp roof mounted solar panels.   

This is not only helping us save significantly on our energy bill but is expected to cut our carbon footprint by more than half.  We are also monitoring our CO2 savings and covering any shortfall in our electricity requirements through a renewable energy plan.

In the same project we have also invested £28,000 in a new bottle labeller. This is both enabling us to meet an anticipated increase in liquid packing which is expected to double over the next 12 months while saving on waste and associated rework costs caused by the current labeller.

Other sustainability improvement measures adopted include reducing our use of plastic by investing in permanent storage tanks to hold bulk supplies on site. This reduces the number of trips and plastic containers used to transport raw materials to us.

We also pack into containers made from 30% recycled plastic.

A robust waste management system for reducing, and where possible, recycling effluents has been in place for many years.

We also have motion sensor LED lighting and more efficient heating throughout the factory and operate a fleet of energy efficient forklift trucks.

close up of young green wheat field

Grotech was the first contract manufacturer in our sector to achieve Soil Association accreditation in our own right. We are a member of the International Biocontrol Manufacturing Association and a strong supporter of natural bioproducts and eco-friendly farming methods such as biostimulants.

With formulations usually derived from natural sources, biostimulants are applied to promoted plant growth, development and health, improving nutrient uptake, stress tolerance and other physiological processes. Biostimulant technology is an important developing market and Grotech is pleased to be in at the ground floor of the sector working closely with a number of customers developing, manufacturing and trialling products including chitosan, endophytes and azotobacter microbes.

We worked closely with Unium Biosciences, providers of innovative solutions to maximise crop production, manufacturing their pioneering biological seed treatment for trial by farmers in northwest Europe. In addition, we also wrote the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which were accepted by advisers at the distributors.

The move to more sustainable ways of working and renewable energy within our operations is not only reaping dividends for Grotech Production Ltd in terms of reducing our carbon footprint and associated cost savings, but it is also beneficial for our customers too. Working with us can help our customers reduce their own carbon footprint – an important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consideration for some procurement managers – while also benefiting from our competitiveness as a flexible, low-cost manufacturing unit capable of providing end-to-end or specific services in the production of liquid, powder and granule bioproducts.

It is our mission to be the preferred supplier of product development, bulk formulation and packing services to the agricultural and general chemical sectors and doing so in a sustainable, forward looking way. If we could be your preferred supplier, why not give us a call on 01405 761746 or email us here.

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