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Need better control over your manufacturing business?

Feel like it’s managing you instead of visa versa?

Grotech can help!

Our sister company, Grotech Data Solutions, provides low-cost modular manufacturing and warehousing software specifically for small and medium sized businesses.

Pay for what you need

Designed especially for the manufacturing and warehouse management / distribution sectors, this business performance monitoring and management software is available in integrated modules which mean you select and pay only for those that suit and meet your business needs.

checking figures on the production line
using gds software in the office

Entire Business Management

Modules include everyday software requirements such as purchase orders and invoicing – together with additional warehouse and manufacturing operations management tools giving end to end traceability and supply chain control.

If keeping a better handle on what’s happening on your factory floor is of interest to you, GDS can help here too. Modules are available for real time shop floor data capture to help keep production schedules on track.

Combining mobile device technology with Cloud based solutions, you can see at a glance exactly what is happening on your shop floor in terms of units produced per minute, stop time in minutes and the reasons for those production line stoppages. What’s more, you have remote access to this information from your office, home or anywhere else with internet connectivity.

Giving you a competitive edge

Having increased visibility of your entire manufacturing process in this way will enable you to improve efficiency and production processes, drive up production capabilities, enhance material planning and ultimately reduce costs and consolidate your competitive advantage.

screen capture from gds

Key features of GDS’s manufacturing software include –

close up of a production line in a factory

Fully Integrated

solutions software for manufacturing management and warehouse management

close up of a production line in a factory

Everyday business managment

requirements such as quotations and sales orders; purchase orders, goods received and purchase invoice matching; invoicing and Sage 50 / Xero integration; margin analysis

close up of a production line in a factory

Specific Manufacturing

software solutions: bill of materials, inventory management with batch and stock control and serial number tracking; despatch, deliveries and job costing

close up of a production line in a factory

Production Management

including shop floor data capture, real time dashboards and OEE data management

Production Management  • Shop Floor Data Capture  • Real Time Dashboards  • OEE  • Inventory Management  • Batch Control • Deliveries & Dispatch  • Invoicing & Sage 50/Xero Integration • Margin Analysis  • Goods Received  • Purchase Invoice Matching

To discover more on how GDS manufacturing software can help your business grow, please visit the Grotech Data Solutions website