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Need your bespoke liquids blended?

Lack the facilities & expertise to do it yourself?

Then let us do it for you!

Our bespoke liquid blending services offer –

Bespoke liquid blending services in batches from 100 – 5000 litres

A variety of liquid mixing vessels in stainless steel, HDPE and polypropylene

Blending for a wide range of aqueous and oil-based formulations, including –

  • Aqueous and solvent solutions
  • Emulsions and Emulsion Concentrates (EC)
  • Suspensions
  • Oil dispersions

PLUS – re-homogenisation blending, re-suspension of separated products and dosing of viscous liquids

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Please note we do not handle food/drink, personal care or pharmaceutical products

At Grotech Production, we can provide an end-to-end liquid contract manufacturing service, including –

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Technical Support

While liquids can be blended to your specification, if needed, our technical experts can help you improve the chemistry of your formulation or even develop a new liquid product to your product brief

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Expert Blending

Processing raw materials supplied in sacks, bottles, drums, IBCs and tankers

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Liquid Filling

Finished products can be filled into your choice of container ranging from 50ml to IBCs; we can even fill bulk containers

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Perfect Packaging

Bottles can be capped, induction or thermal sealed, inkjet coded and labelled with either ‘path’ or ‘wraparound’ labels. Packed onto shrink-wrapped trays or into shipping cartons, once loaded on to pallets, these can be stretch wrapped or strapped as required

Whatever your bespoke liquid blending service requirement, we can help!

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