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Need your chemical products repacking?

Lack the facilities & expertise to do it yourself?

Then let us do it for you!

At Grotech Production we have automatic and semi-automatic filling and packing lines that can –

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Liquids & Solids

Repack liquid and solid chemicals including viscous liquids, powders and granules

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Repack From

Repack into your choice from a wide range of packaging including IBCs, FIBCs, drums, sacks, bags, jerrycans, bulk bags, bottles and kegs

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Pack Sizes

Repack from a wide variety of pack sizes, from 500ml to bulk tankers, into your required size ranging from 500ml bottles to 1000kg IBCs

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Damaged Stock

Repack and recover damaged bags/containers of powders or liquids from 20kg/20L to 1,000kg/1,000L

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Please note we do not handle food/drink, personal care or pharmaceutical products

As bespoke contract manufacturers with some 40+ years’ experience in handling agrochemical, horticultural and general chemical products, our chemical repackaging service can also provide –

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Added Expertise

Advice on suitable packaging for your product – even that ‘something different’ with customised labelling

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Added Care

Correct disposal of empty packaging in accordance with your duty of care (may be subject to a separate charge)

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Added Flexibility

Repacking into multiple different containers? No problem!

For that bespoke chemical repackaging service with something ‘added’, we can help!