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We Mix and Pack Stuff

The elevator speech usually includes the phrase “We mix and pack stuff” which delightfully understates the complexity of our contract manufacturing and packing service. Our mixing can involve the blending of liquids, the dissolution of solids in liquids, making suspensions of solids in liquids, the blending of powders, the impregnation of granules with liquids, the coating of granules with powder. The nature of the powders and liquids can introduce hazards and other difficulties of their own.

Then there is the packing which can be of any of the above. Here the variation comes with the material, size and shape of the container. Also, the nature of the cap or closure and the method for sealing the container. Of course, the labelling is important too and the safety information and the batch marking.

Usually the filled container needs to be packed inside another container for ease of distribution and then that container needs to be palletised and wrapped. Sometimes we are asked to develop the recipe for the product and to check that it will remain stable during its life on the shelf and to draw up the safety data sheet for the product as required by law. Sometimes we are asked for other things: can we pack pollen or fill in the dark or add spoons or golden tickets? Every day is a new adventure as helpful manufacturing people!  

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