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Analytical services and testing are offered to customers at Grotech Production Ltd as standard as part of our quality control system and product development service. We offer:

laboratory glassware


Testing to recognised CIPAC standard methods where applicable

laboratory glassware


We can follow our own internal procedures or work to your methods

laboratory glassware


You can specify which tests are carried out

laboratory glassware


We can work with you to develop bespoke analysis methods

laboratory glassware

Added Value

We can recommend analysis to establish certain criteria is being met

laboratory glassware


Fully auditable laboratory techniques and equipment covered by our ISO9001 quality management system providing traceability for our approved methods

The list of analysis we can carry out is extensive. It includes –

  • pH
  • density
  • particle sizing
  • viscosity
  • dust measurement
  • moisture content by gravimetric analysis
  • surface tension
  • redox titration
  • active assay
  • wet chemistry
  • grind determination
  • angle of repose
  • microscopy
  • FTIR spectroscopy
  • NIR spectroscopy
  • Various CIPAC methods
  • HPLC

Other types of analysis and testing are available – please contact us to find out more or to discuss developing bespoke test methods.

NB – Grotech Production Ltd does not provide a GLP or UKAS accredited service.

the lab and some of the lab equipment