Analytical Services

We offer an analytical service to our customers as part as our quality control system. The tests that are undertaken are dictated by our customers or we can recommend analyses that would determine whether a product satisfies given criteria.

We also provide testing as part of our development service including for product stability and compatibility with packaging.

We work to CIPAC standard methods where applicable, follow our own internal procedures or can work according to methods provided by our customers where necessary. We are also happy to discuss method development for analysis for bespoke analyses and are happy to lend our knowledge and expertise for this.

Much of our laboratory technique and equipment falls under our ISO9001 quality management system and so is fully auditable and traceable.

A non-exhaustive list of our capabilities is described below.

  • pH – We can analyse solutions or suspensions made from other materials for their pH value from pH 0 – 14, along with their electrical conductivity (EC)
  • Density – Using either hydrometers or pyknometers we can accurately measure the density of liquids at specific temperatures, regardless of viscosity.  We can also measure the bulk and tapped density of solid materials
  • Particle size – Using our wide selection of test sieves we can determine the particle size profile of solids materials such as powders, granules, flakes and prills
  • Viscosity – We can measure the viscosity of liquid solutions or suspensions in the range of 1 – 1,000,000 cPs (mPa-s) as needed
  • Dust measurement – Using CIPAC methods we can determine the dustiness of a solid material down to milligram quantities
  • Moisture content – We can determine moisture content gravimetrically by drying samples in our ovens, especially useful for solid materials used as inert carriers for agchem products
  • Surface tension – Using our tensiometer we can measure the surface tension or interfacial tension of products, which can be useful for determining the wettability of a product
  • Redox titration – determination of active oxygen in materials such as hydrogen peroxide and percarbonate
  • Active assay – Determination of active concentration in a product by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) or Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR)
  • Others – We can provide several other types of analyses and methods such as refractive index, dispersion quality by Hegman gauge, flow rate (viscosity) by Ford-Cup, tank-mix compatibility, granule attrition rate, persistent foam, suspensibility, spontaneity, and imaging microscopy
  • Wet chemistry – Our lab technicians can undertake a number of wet chemistry processes such as filtrations, titrations and colorimetric tests. Where we haven’t performed your test before we can work with you to develop new test methods

Please note that the Grotech Production Laboratory does not provide a GLP or UKAS accredited service.