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liquid being poured

Liquid Contract Manufacturing

BLENDING bespoke liquids is bread and butter for a company experienced in liquid contract manufacturing like Grotech Production

carrots crop growing in a field

Granule Production Companies

WHEN it comes to the delivery of active chemical ingredients to combat pests or help a garden grow,

the inside of a powder blending machine

Bespoke Powder Blending

WITH some 40+ years’ experience behind us, Grotech Production Ltd are the experts when it comes to bespoke

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Liquid Manufacturing Services

CONTRACT manufacturing specialists Grotech Production Ltd offer bespoke liquid manufacturing services across a wide range of industrial applications.

cat litter tray with scoop

Granule Production

IF you need a controlled or gradual release of your active ingredient then look no further than the

lab technician writing on clipboard in laboratory

Product Formulation Adjustment

FRESH input can often breathe new life into an outdated or underperforming product. Grotech Production Ltd has a

2 tubs of freshclean and a spray bottle

Cleaning Powder Manufacturer

ARE you in the market for a cleaning powder manufacturer? If so, then look no further! Grotech Production

bottles on filling line

Liquid Filling

WHEN it comes to putting liquids into bottles – or buckets or any other type of container really

picture of wheelgoo bottle and box in front of a bicycle tyre

New Product Development

NEW product development is one of the things Grotech Production Ltd does best. With 40+ years’ experience of

man holding one wheat ear in a field of wheat

Biostimulant Contract Manufacturing

IN line with the ever increasing need to be more sustainable with the agricultural technology used across the