Powder Blending Services

Grotech Production provide bespoke powder blending services – we have several specialist powder blenders allowing us to vary batch sizes from 50kg to 1,500 kg depending on the bulk density and other properties.

Product samples can be supplied and testing of the finished product undertaken before we commence a full scale production run and we can also offer blending of pilot scale batches in advance of full production runs if required.

We can blend a wide range of powders with multiple ingredients according to your specifications, or our experienced technical team can develop a powder product to your brief. 

Ingredients can be added to the powder mix by pre sifting or kibbling to ensure consistent results.

We can process raw materials supplied in kegs, sacks or FIBCs.

Liquids can be blended and incorporated into powder mixes as an active or adjuvant as part of the finished product or as a handling aid, for example to suppress dust formation or improve wetting. The same spray addition process can be used for impregnating absorbent granules like clays and earths or coating impermeable ones like sand or gravel. The finished product can be sieved during the discharge to the filling operation.

Finished blended powders can be packed into container sizes from 50 g to 1,000 kg.  We can pack product into a variety of containers including pouches, pails, bags, sacks, kegs, tubs, pots, lined boxes and FIBCs. The packs can be palletised to suit your customer’s needs, including the use of pallet boxes or collars to provide the maximum protection for overseas shipment.

Phone us on 01405 761 746 or email us here to see how we can help you with your powder blending requirements.