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Chemical Formulation Specialists

Grotech’s chemical formulation specialists can create new products from scratch, help you improve functionality or overcome manufacturing issues with your existing products.

We provide:

  • Custom formulation services for bespoke liquid and powder products.
  • Technical expertise that adds value.
  • Facilities to develop and trial new formulations.
  • Analytical services and testing as standard for Grotech customers.

See our custom formulation services page to discover what our chemical formulation specialists can do for you… or for an example of how we can breathe new life into an existing product, read on!

How did Grotech Production’s chemical formulation specialists help commercial laundry in Yorkshire?

grotech helps the world - commercial laundry machine

A COMMERCIAL cleaning product which started out as a laundry detergent has been given a new lease of life as an effective multi-purpose cleaner.

The original formulation of Freshclean contains phosphates which make it no longer suitable as a laundry detergent. The product could have been destined for the cleaning product graveyard at the back of the warehouse until Grotech Production Ltd’s product development team got their hands on it. They realised that, diluted in a trigger bottle this blended powder cleaner forms a versatile multi-surface cleaner as well as bringing up pots and pans sparklingly clean.

Freshclean is now one of a number of concentrated ready to dilute powder cleaner products produced by Grotech Production Ltd under the Evercare Professionals brand. As well as being a product in its own right, Freshclean has also been reformulated to remove the phosphates and create a more environmentally friendly product in the form of SuperKleen.

row of industrial laundry machines

In addition to being used in commercial laundry services, phosphate-free SuperKleen has also been found to be an effective oilspill remover and cleaner for roadways.

Both products offer exceptional cleaning power, reducing time and effort, as well as huge savings over traditional pre-diluted products in terms of reduced packaging, storage and distribution.

With one 750g tub of SuperKleen making up 300 trigger spray fills, it is also more eco-friendly with less packaging heading to landfill.

Freshclean and SuperKleen are superb examples of how an almost defunct product can be revitalised with input from chemical formulation specialists and expert powder product blenders such as ourselves.

Grotech Production Ltd are leading contract manufacturers and packers in the industrial cleaning sector. Can we help you rework an existing product to a new specification? Modify it to make it easier to use or more environmentally sustainable or simply add a new dye or fragrance to refresh and boost its hold on the marketplace?

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