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Need an experienced hand with your agrochemicals?

Lack the expertise or facilities to make them yourself?

Then let us do it for you!

Grotech Production Ltd have some 40+ years’ experience of contract manufacturing and packing for the bespoke agrochemical sector.

We can provide an end-to-end agrochemical contract manufacturing service from formulation to packaging and supply so if you require any of the following, we can help –



Micronutrient suspensions

Seed coatings and treatments


Spray Enhancers

Pod Sealers

Soil Improvers

Wetting Agents…

Contact us to discuss your agrochemical manufacturing and packing requirements

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Please note we do not handle food/drink, personal care or pharmaceutical products

We Blend & Produce –

red salad leaves growing in greenhouse


aqueous solutions, emulsions, emulsion concentrates (EC), suspensions in vegetable oil, oil dispersions (OD)

different sized seedlings in a row


powder blends, dusts and dry flowable products (DC, DP, WP) and soluble powders (SP)

hands holding fertiliser granules


impregnating or coating granules with a liquid active ingredient (GR)

We add value –

Liquid, powder and granule products can be filled, packed, labelled and coded into a wide range of various sized containers from 50ml to bulk tankers.

Let our experienced technical and NPK development team improve your existing product or develop a new formula to your specifications.

Materials can be sourced and we use CIPAC methods to check all formulations for stability, dissolution and other required criteria as standard.

Need to refresh an existing product? We can rework and repack it for you.

Whatever your agrochemical contract manufacturing needs, we can help. Use the form above to find out more or call us on 01405 761746