Agrochemical Contract Manufacturing

Grotech Production offer an agrochemical contract manufacturing service – we formulate, manufacture and pack a wide range of agricultural products including –

  • Fertilisers
  • Bio-pesticides
  • Micronutrient suspensions
  • Seed coatings and treatments
  • Molluscicides
  • Spray Enhancers
  • Pod Sealers
  • Soil Improvers
  • Wetting Agents

We are able to manufacture a number of different agrochemical formulation types to your specifications or a formula can be developed for you by our experienced technical team.  If you require a fertiliser with specific nutrient contents, then the Bespoke NPK branch of our development service will tailor-make a formulation to your specifications, including specific properties such as pH, colour and density. Where necessary, we can source the materials and all the formulations are checked for stability, dissolution and any other criteria that need to be met, all to CIPAC methods.

What Can We Do?

  • Powder Blends, Dusts and dry flowable products (DC, DP, WP)
  • Soluble Powders (SP)
  • Impregnated or coated granules that incorporate a liquid active ingredient (GR)
  • Aqueous Solutions
  • Solvent Solutions
  • Emulsions
  • Emulsion Concentrates (EC)
  • Suspensions in vegetable oils
  • Oil Dispersions (OD)
  • Filling and packing of liquids, granules and powders, including contract bottling, labelling and coding
  • Reworking, repacking and repackaging (plus repacking/relabelling of parallel import products)

Finished agrochemical products can be packed into a wide variety of packaging – in sizes from 50ml up to IBCs, FIBCs and we can also fill bulk tankers.

Phone us on 01405 761 746 or email us here to see how we can help you with your agrochemical contract manufacturing requirements. 

close up of the contract packing line
field of cabbages
rows of tomatoes growing in a greenhouse
bee pollinating a flower
field of wheat