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Custom Formulation Services

Grotech Production provides custom formulation services for liquids and solids.  We can help you with –

  • Development projects, taking an idea from concept to shelf.
  • Completely reworking an existing product to a new specification.
  • Modifying an existing product to make it easier to use, have better green and sustainability credentials or remove unwanted hazard classifications.
  • Making problem products more reliable by improving stability or improving certain desired properties such as clarity, viscosity or wettability.
  • Minor changes such as addition of a dye or fragrance to refresh an otherwise great product!

Our expertise is primarily in the design of fertilisers for the agrochemical industries, whether for domestic sale, horticultural or agricultural purposes. We offer a bespoke NPK service and can help with micronutrient and biostimulant containing formulations, whether as a solid or liquid product.

We have a wide range of experience in other general chemical areas such as pesticides and hard surface cleaners.  We have also worked with products as diverse as oil-in-water emulsions, de-icers, laundry products, pet shampoos, fuel additives, tyre sealants, seed coatings and various specialist products.

We are led by our clients and pride ourselves on our flexibility.  We are happy to accommodate you according to your requirements –

  • Ownership and control of all intellectual property.
  • Offering of a white label product.
  • We are happy to be led by your technical expertise.
  • We are also happy to guide you where your expertise lies in the marketing rather than the formulation of your product.

For information on our analytical services and how they can help with a development project you might have, please see our Analytical Services Page.

Phone us on 01405 761 746 or email us here to see how we can help you with your custom formulations.

Please note we do not handle food/drink, personal care or pharmaceutical products.