Stability Trials

Would you return to a supermarket which sold you a piece of fruit which after one day went mouldy? What if a pair of shoes you bought came apart after one wear? Typically if this ever happened to us as consumers we would avoid the supplier with immediate effect.

This is why it is critical when launching any new product that the stability is thoroughly checked to ensure the success of that product. When it comes to agrochemical products common problems can include:

  •  Settled solids
  •  Discolouration
  •  Odours
  •  Blowing bottles

All of these can be evidence of poor product stability – in a liquid product reactions can take place either between the constituents or due to biological activity which can cause something to go wrong with the product.

If multiple bottles blow inside boxes on a pallet this can cause the pallet to deform, possibly even break apart resulting in loose bottles and potentially leaking liquid which creates a hazard for the transport company and most likely mean that the product will be rejected by the end customer.

If the customers’ customer ends up getting unstable products which they cannot use or don’t want to use this can cause reputational damage and affect the business of both parties. The seller of the product and the manufacturer.

Due to all of this it is important to undertake stability trials of new products before sending them out to market, to make sure they are stable. In general terms you could carry out the following:

  • a cold temperature trial
  • an ambient temperature trial
  • a tank mix trial and accelerated storage testing

On the basis of a successful test regime you can then have confidence that your product is fit for sale!

Grotech Production have carried out various types of stability trials, our experienced laboratory technicians are on hand to help and guide you through the trials – Click here to send us a message, or call +44 (0) 1405 761746 to talk to our team today.