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Cleaning Powder Manufacturer

ARE you in the market for a cleaning powder manufacturer? If so, then look no further! Grotech Production Ltd has some 40+ years’ experience in blending bespoke powders and manufacturing high quality cleaning products is one of our specialities.

We can:

  • Process batch sizes from 50g to 1,500kg in our specialist powder blenders
  • Work with raw materials supplied the way you want to from bags to bulk
  • Adapt our production process to overcome manufacturing complexities or quality issues and consistently deliver the product you need
  • Add value to your detergents through technical know-how and flexible collaboration

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How did Grotech’s experience as a cleaning powder manufacturer help contact cleaners in Dubai?

grotech helps the world - mop and cleaning cloth

AN innovative industrial cleaning powder mix is helping to revolutionise professional cleaning in Dubai.

Freshclean is a blend of powders and crystals which when dissolved in water, creates a powerful cleaning liquid. The private label industrial cleaning product is made by cleaning product manufacturer Grotech Production Ltd and marketed under the Evercare Professionals brand.

It offers significant benefits, not only for the environment in terms of carbon-footprint and reduced packaging, but also operationally for the customer with lower storage and distribution costs.

It was these benefits that helped open up a new market for Freshclean in the Middle East amongst professional cleaning specialists where they have been using the dissolved product in trigger bottles as a versatile multi-surface cleaning liquid. It can also be used in a dishwasher to bring up pots and pans sparklingly clean.

powder cleaner in a glass bowl

As contract manufacturers and packers with some 40+ years’ experience specialising in manufacturing bespoke chemical products, Grotech offers customers a complete end-2-end supply chain service from product development to despatch.

Our production facilities boast specialist powder blenders capable of processing batches from 50g to 1,500g in size. This means we are ideally placed for manufacturing pilot scale batches and samples as well as full production runs.

Leaders in our sector, we put our expertise to good use in terms of working with tricky raw materials, modifying our production processes as required, such as introducing pre-sifting, kibbling or handling aids – to ensure a consistent end product.

When introduced to Freshclean which started out as a general purpose cleaner, Grotech’s product development specialists recognised its wide reaching cleaning potential and versatility and set about maximising upon it.

Freshclean is now one of a number of concentrated, ready to dissolve, powder cleaning products in the Evercare Professionals range offering exceptional cleaning power reducing both time and effort.

Another in the range of detergents is phosphate-free SuperKleen. In addition to being used by the commercial laundry sector, SuperKleen is an effective oilspill remover and cleaner for roadways – a must for highways maintenance!

One 750g tub of SuperKleen makes up 300 trigger spray refill bottles making it more environment friendly with less packaging either needing to be recycled or making its way to landfill.

Cleaning powder manufacturer Grotech used their expertise in chemical products to revitalise an outdated cleaning product and open up new markets – could we do the same for you?

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