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Product Repacking

Amateur Artists Worldwide

THE art of product repacking saved the day when a customer found themselves with a surge in demand for their powder paints.

Unable to completely meet the sudden influx of large export orders within the required tight timeframe themselves, they called upon us at Grotech Production Ltd to lend a hand.

There were some 24 colours ranging from vivid blues in shades of turquoise, cobalt blue and ultramarine to radiant reds and vermilion and gorgeous greens.

They sent us over 1500kg of powder paint in 100kg bags and we brought our 30+ years of contract packing experience into play to repack it into thousands of tiny 15g pots.

The dusty nature of the paints meant the little pots not only needed to be filled but also individually wiped down on the outside. These were then packed into shipping outers and despatched to the customer for collating into colour sets and shipping to amateur artists worldwide.

Repacking bespoke powders and liquids is all in a day’s work at Grotech Production Ltd no matter how dusty or gloopy your product maybe or how intricate or large the packaging material.

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