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Powder Filling and Packing

‘ONE size fits all’ doesn’t necessarily cover every scenario.  When it comes to powder filling and packing, the ability to take bulk product and fill into containers of various sizes is a must.

Grotech Production offers a powder filling and packing service that can:

  • Take powder products in a wide range of packaging from IBCs and sacks and fill into bags, pouches and buckets as you choose.
  • Recover damaged stock and fill into new packaging.
  • Overcome quality control issues such as clumping during the filling process.
  • Fill one product into multiple different containers.

For more on what we offer in terms of powder filling and packing, visit our contract filling and packing page.

How did Grotech Production’s expertise in powder filling and packing help amateur artists Worldwide?

grotech helps the world - paint brushes

As bespoke chemical contract manufacturers and packers, the range of powder products that we at Grotech Production find ourselves working with is enormous.

Most are delivered to us in bulk, huge IBCs or kegs destined to be filtered through our powder filling machines for packing into smaller containers of our customers’ choice. This can range from sacks, bags or pouches to more rigid containers like tubs and pots.

Whatever the size and shape of the container required, Grotech has the filling machines for the job!

One of the most intricate jobs that has come our way has been the repacking of powder paints for amateur artists.

Suddenly faced with an influx of large export orders within a tight timeframe that they were unable to completely meet inhouse, our customer contacted us to lend a hand.

They sent us over 1500kg of powder paint in 100kg bags. There were 24 colours ranging from vivid blues in shades of turquoise, cobalt blue and ultramarine to radiant reds and vermilion and gorgeous greens. Our task was to repack it into thousands of tiny 15g pots.

The powder paint was extremely dusty and after our powder filling machines had deposited the required dose of paint into each container, the little pots needed individually wiping down on the outside.

paintbrushes on watercolour painted strips

Once clean, they were then packed into shipping outers for supply to the customer to box into colour sets and send to artists around the world.

Powder filling and packing – whether repacking supplied powder products or blending raw ingredients to create a powder from scratch – is all in a day’s work at Grotech Production. We have the capacity to process batch sizes from 50g to 1,500g depending on the characteristics, such as bulk density, of the product.

We are equally at home blending multiple ingredients to customers’ exact specifications or calling upon the expertise of our technical team to develop bespoke formulations for powder products to meet customer briefs. Whatever we do for you, you can be assured it is in complete confidence – your business remains just that!

We have some 40 years’ experience of working in the powder packaging industry providing quality cost effective solutions that are second to none. As well as working with powder products, we also have the equipment to blend and package liquids and granules.

If you require a hand with your powder filling and packing needs, why not give ‘the helpful manufacturing people’ at Grotech a call on 01405 761746 or email us here.