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Contract Packing

Model Makers Worldwide

EVER looked at those little bottles of powder or paint and wondered how on earth such a small amount got into such a fiddly container? Well, we do that!

At Grotech Production Ltd we have been in the contract packing business for more than 40 years and can turn our hand to packing or repacking powders, liquids and granules into any size container from 50g / ml to 1000kg / bulk tanker.

The bespoke nature of our business means we are manufacturing and packing all kinds of general chemical products from horticultural aids to help our gardens grow to chemical powders that model makers around the world use to distress their models, adding realistic colouration and texture.

The brief for the model makers job came via our trade body the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA). The customer was looking for a company that could fill a range of different chemical powders into small glass bottles, label them, pack first into cartons and then into shipping boxes. You could say we filled their requirements!

While filling bottles with powder might sound easy, the different chemical powders provided for packing ranged in bulk density which meant they flowed differently making accurate filling tricky. This is where our expertise and technology as experienced powder blenders came in enabling us to sieve the powder during filling and use vibration to settle the product to ensure the correct volume was deposited in each bottle.

With the bottles filled, a plastic plug was inserted in each to seal before a screw cap topped it off.  Self-adhesive labels were applied to each bottle before they were packed into cartons of six which in turn were packed into larger boxes for shipping around the world. In total more than 120,000 bottles were filled with six different coloured powders.

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