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Contract Packaging

NOT all our customers require us to make their products from scratch. Sometimes it’s not the manufacturing support that they need but packing services and that’s fine by us as we have contract packaging in the bag – or whatever other form of packaging is required!

For more information on our contract packaging services check out our contract filling and packing services page. In the meantime, here are a few of the most commonly asked questions put to us and our all-important answers…

My product is quite aggressive. How do I know what bottle I need?

At Grotech Production Ltd we handle many different types of product, from aggressive acids to powerful solvents. With some 40+ years’ experience of packing powder, liquid and granule chemical products, we have learnt there is no one size fits all – but there will be a bottle or container that suits.

It is important to ensure that the packaging is compatible with your finished product and it isn’t going to fail on the shelf. This is where quality control comes in. There are materials that have been treated – like fluorine coating – to ensure contents won’t permeate through. We can provide technical support like stability testing and expertise to point you in the right direction when choosing appropriate packaging materials.

I have a product that needs filling into different size containers – can you help?

Yes! Unlike some other contract chemical manufacturers, our packaging operation has the flexibility to work with a wide variety of sizes and formats. Anything from 10ml to one litre to 1000 litres IBCs we can most likely help with – we rarely have to turn anything away!

selection of different plastic bottles
I only want to pack 100 units – is that OK?

Sure it is! While some firms don’t want to know unless you want at least 100,000 units, we are as able and willing to handle those small orders as we are to accommodate hundreds of thousands of units.

We pride ourselves on being able to support our customers’ exact needs, producing their initial small orders and growing with them as they build up to bigger ones. Just be aware in terms of the overall cost, that smaller production runs are more expensive per unit than larger runs. However, we offer competitive rates and these higher per unit costs will drop as volumes increase.

I want something bespoke / niche. Can you help me?

Of course! Bespoke requests are our speciality. While we’re not suppliers of packaging, we have extensive links with packaging providers across the industry and can advise upon and source the right packaging solution that is not only appropriate for your product and market but as individual on the outside as the contents within.  

It maybe that your packaging needs to offer multi-dosing mechanisms or special caps, lids or closures to enable venting or provide tamper evidence. If so, we can help.

While some of our customers know exactly what packaging they want, many don’t and we are happy to help. Whether buckets, boxes, bottles, bags, sacks, drums or IBCs are required – in one or a variety of sizes – one thing’s for sure, the more information you, the customer, can provide up front, the quicker and more likely we are to be able to give you the best option.

So, if your packaging needs to offer multi-dosing mechanisms or special caps, lids or closures to enable venting or provide tamper evidence, then look no further. Talk to us on 01405 761746 or send us an email here.