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selection of different types of bottles on a black background

Contract Packaging

NOT all our customers require us to make their products from scratch. Sometimes it’s not the manufacturing support

man sealing cardboard boxes with tape

Contract Packing

PUTTING powders, granules and liquids into bottles, tubs, sacks and just about any packaging you may need, is

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Powder Filling and Packing

‘ONE size fits all’ doesn’t necessarily cover every scenario.  When it comes to powder filling and packing, the

selection of different types of bottles on a black background

Product Repackaging

Let’s talk about packaging … AS a contract manufacturer and product repackaging company of powder, liquid and granule

row of colourful paint pots

Product Repacking

How did Grotech Production’s product repacking expertise help amateur artists Worldwide? THE art of product repacking saved the

Bottles of Crete Beater on the filling line

Putting A Label On It

PRODUCT labels are important. Not only are they informative and brand building but in many cases they are

pallet stacked with cardboard boxes in the factory

Getting Value From Our Boxes

IN today’s climate where the cost of packaging – both economic and environmental – is paramount, it may