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Liquids Manufacturing

Grotech Production’s bespoke liquids manufacturing services include –

  • Batches from 100 -5000 litres
  • Using variety of mixing vessels
  • Both aqueous and oil-based formulations
  • Including specialist requirements where required, eg re-homogenisation

For more information, please see our liquid blending services page.

How did Grotech Production’s liquids manufacturing services help vegetable growers in the Middle East?

vegetable growers in the middle east

MAKING bespoke fertiliser products which target specific crops or growing conditions is bread and butter for a contract manufacturing business specialising in agrochemicals like Grotech Production Ltd.

Some crops need more of one type of nutrient to thrive than others while other formulations aim to balance out challenges posed by soil condition or the weather. These targeted fertilisers are more commonly needed for food grown in overseas countries where extreme conditions are the norm and Grotech has been working with a client on five specialist liquid fertiliser formulations for vegetable growers in the Middle East.

Each formulation was tailored to a different crop, soil condition or season and with 40+ years’ experience in liquids manufacturing, we were tasked with processing and packing them. The client supplied the formulations that they had developed and tested, some of which included tiny amounts of bespoke stimulants. We supplied most of the materials and manufactured them as specified.

close up of aubergines

Developing new formulations can be a case of trial and error. Grotech is ideally placed with pilot plant facilities to be able to produce and package small batches for trial. Our decades of technical know-how in liquids manufacturing can then come in handy when working with clients to tweak formulations or overcome any issues such as with packaging requirements.

In this case, a formulation needed to be kept at higher ambient temperatures to consistently maintain its liquid form and vented containers were required to prevent bacteriological degradation.

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