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Put a little Goo in your wheels on World Bicycle Day!

THIS time last year our roads were full of cyclists! The weather was glorious and, let’s face it, there wasn’t an awful lot else to do with Lockdown still underway!

Fast forward 12 months and cycling is still a popular past time so no shortage of folk taking to two wheels to celebrate World Bicycle Day.

The United Nations General Assembly designated June 3 as World Bicycle Day in April 2018 and what better day to get on your bike and celebrate with a fun ride with friends or a pedal-powered family day out?

Of course, a bicycle is also a useful way to get to work and last year we were pleased to encourage our staff who were avoiding public transport by cycling to work with a new bike rack and a number of cycles they could borrow.

picture of wheelgoo bottle and box

Another way Grotech Production Ltd helps cyclists is through our product WheelGoo which harnesses nanotechnology to make awkward roadside puncture repairs a thing of the past!

Pumped by hand into a tyre via its valve with a simple bicycle pump, bicycle puncture sealant Wheelgoo pushes microfibres 25 times finer than a human hair into the hole and then bonds them together with nano-spheres to form a robust and airtight seal.

It takes just five minutes to use and as well as repairing punctures on the go, Wheelgoo can be used as a tyre maintenance / puncture prevention tool.

As specialist providers of both chemical formulation and liquid manufacturing services, Grotech Production Ltd provides custom formulation services taking development products from concept to shelf as well as providing bespoke blending services in batches from 100-5,000 litres.

Wheelgoo’s unique dilatant fluid containing the microfibres was formulated by a world leading inventor in conjunction with Grotech Production Ltd’s new product development team and we also mix, manufacture and pack it into 250ml bottles.

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