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Liquid Filling

WHEN it comes to putting liquids into bottles – or buckets or any other type of container really – Grotech Production Ltd are the experts.

We have some 40+ years’ experience of contract manufacturing and packaging, including liquid filling, for the general chemical, agriculture and horticulture sectors. Our liquid filling services include:

  • Dispensing liquids from bulk containers into suitable smaller vessels ranging from 50ml to IBCs.
  • Working with a wide range of aqueous, oil based and viscous liquids
  • Providing a full end-2-end supply service from formulation to blending, liquid filling to packaging and despatch
  • Advising on suitable packaging, capping and labelling to give your product that competitive edge.

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How did Grotech Production’s liquid filling services help textile makers in Sweden and China?

grotech helps the world - textile makers

Silver is well-known for its biocidal properties for killing bacteria and viruses. Liquid silver matrix is used by textile makers in China and Sweden as a fabric protector. The silver matrix solution has been cleverly formulated so that it is suspended in a surfactant enabling it to become enmeshed in fabric. While the silver remains enmeshed – which is usually for quite a long time – it continues its biocidal effect.

The patented silver matrix formulation is supplied to us by our customer in bulk IBCs in 10 tonne batches. It is our brief to repack it, using our liquid filling machines to fill it into significantly smaller containers either 1 litre, 5 litres or 20 litres in size.

The nature of the product is such that it occasionally has high levels of viscosity and aeration of the surfactant which makes it tricky to fill into the smaller bottles. Fortunately, the liquid filling system we have at Grotech means we are more than capable of working with viscous liquids. We slow stir the compound to disperse any high viscosity layers while deaeration allows any froth to subside. Our liquid filling machinery does the rest with filling nozzles ensuring a smooth fill into the bottles.

close up of fabric samples

Grotech has a range of liquid mixing vessels including stainless steel, HDPE and polypropylene plus filling machinery enabling us to vary our manufacturing processes and filling rates to suit the nature of the different products being produced for our customers.

In addition to dispensing the product into containers we have packaging equipment including capping machines that can pack on to shrink wrapped trays or into shipping cartons. Once palletised, the loaded pallets can also be stretch-wrapped or strapped as required for transit.

The complexities of working with liquid silver matrix is just one example of where it pays to have experience, efficiency and the right liquid filling machines to hand when trusting your liquid products to contract packers for repacking.

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