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Liquid Contract Manufacturing

BLENDING bespoke liquids is bread and butter for a company experienced in liquid contract manufacturing like Grotech Production Ltd.

We can:

  • Process raw materials supplied in a variety of containers and in bulk
  • Tailor our operations to provide the service you need from end-to-end support to liquid packing and distribution
  • Provide flexibility in volume processing batches from 100 – 5,000 litres
  • Blend a wide range of specialist formulations including aqueous and oil-based liquids.

To find out more, see our Liquid Blending Services page for more details or give us a call on 01405 761746.

How did Grotech Production’s liquid contract manufacturing services help soft fruit growing research?

grotech helps the world - soft fruit growing research

AS specialists in bespoke liquid contract manufacturing, we are used to producing all kinds of products in many different circumstances but never have we been required to ‘do our thing’ in the dark before!

However, that is exactly what we needed to do when asked by a leading UK horticulture research and development organisation to work with them on an Innovate UK research trial involving soft fruit.

Innovate UK, the UK’s national innovation agency, supports business-led innovation in all sectors and technologies, helping them grow through the development and commercialisation of new products, processes and services.

On this occasion, the focus was on producing a spray treatment for soft fruit which included a UV detectable marker in a food-safe formulation. We worked with the research team to deliver the product which included procuring the materials required and then manufacturing the trial quantity of the marker formulation in 50 litre and 150 litre batches.

crate containing freshly picked blueberries

Given the light sensitive qualities of the formulation, it was essential that it was never exposed to light which meant all manufacturing need to be conducted in the dark. A challenge certainly, but one we rose to admirably with all due consideration also given to the health and safety issues related to working under such limiting conditions.

Going that extra mile, being flexible in our ways of working and putting our 40+ years of experience of bespoke liquid contract manufacturing into practice on behalf of our customers is routine at Grotech Production Ltd. After all, we’re not known as the Helpful Manufacturing People for nothing!

If you have a product which we can help with – even one which needs making in the dark or under other unusual circumstances – why not get in touch? Call us on 01405 761746 or send us an email here.