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Horticultural Liquid Manufacturer

AS a specialist horticultural liquid manufacturer, Grotech Production Ltd has the know-how and technology needed to blend key ingredients and manufacture liquid products to help gardens grow.

We offer:

  • Liquid blending in batches from 100 – 5,000 litres
  • A range of manufacturing vessels in stainless steel, HDPE and polypropylene to suit the production needs of your products
  • Specialist blending services for aqueous and oil-based formulations
  • Expert advice and guidance on formulation improvements, introduction of new products, packaging and labelling.

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How does horticultural liquid manufacturer Grotech Production help gardeners in the UK?

Grotech Helps the World - Gardeners in the UK

Gardening is not only one of the UK’s most popular past times, but as one of the lushly green countries in the world (there has to be some benefit from all the rain) it is evident that a lot of effort also goes into preserving and planting our parks and landscaping urban green spaces.

Of course, beautiful gardens and floral displays aren’t all about popping plants in the ground and hoping for sun and rain in equal measure. A bit on help in the way of fertilisers, nutrients, pesticides and the odd spot of weed killer, goes a long way too!

Grotech Production has some 40 + years’ experience of working with the agricultural and horticultural sectors and as a leading bespoke liquid manufacturer and supplier plays a key role in supporting gardeners in the UK producing a range of fertilising, pesticidal and growth enhancing products.

One such popular brand of plant growth stimulant that we manufacture and pack contains pure seaweed extract or a mix of seaweed and other helpful aids to plant growth. Used in the Spring as well as later in the Summer to counter heat stress, this mainly liquid product produces healthier and more robust plants. It also has environmental benefits as unlike some growth enhancers, seaweed extract products don’t have problems associated with nitrogen run off.

watering a flower bed with a watering can

On sale online and in garden centres countrywide, seaweed-based products are widely used not only in household gardens but by horticultural growers, in amenity areas, orchards, forestry and golf courses.    

At Grotech we have the know-how and technology needed to blend the various nutrients and chemicals which make up the formulation recipe into a liquid product and then fill it into the final packs.

We work with our customers, providing advice and technical services to ensure their existing and new products are of a consistent high quality and to avoid any potential pitfalls a less experienced horticultural liquid manufacturer might encounter. For instance, did you know that due to the nature of the seaweed extract, it is essential to ensure it is dissolved in such a way that the sugars within are not consumed by bacterial contamination? This can result in a fermentation process that can cause the bottle to swell.

Do you have a product that requires expert liquid blending and specialist knowledge to overcome any potential manufacturing or packaging pitfalls? If so, give us a call on 01405 761746 or contact us here.