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Bespoke Liquid Manufacturing

Fruit Orchards in Kent

IT’S that time of year again when the harvest has been brought in and we are hopefully celebrating another year’s bountiful crop.

However, have you ever thought of the effort and expertise that goes into growing our food, even something as seemingly simple as an apple or raspberry?

A few years ago, we at Grotech Production Ltd had the privilege of working on an Innovate UK project to improve spraying accuracy on fruit crops. The concern was that not enough of the plant was being reached by the spray and much of the product being sprayed was being wasted.

While our customer had formulated the product, as contract manufacturers and packers for the agri-chem and horti-chem industries and experienced in end-to-end bespoke liquid manufacturing, our technical team worked with them to establish its exact physical properties, provide an updated specification and clarify how much active raw material was needed to account for supply variability.

We obtained the correct raw materials and given the unusual requirements of the product, adapted our mixing and packing processes to ensure it didn’t degrade during production. This consideration extended to its packaging and we sourced suitable containers to ensure it remained in tip top condition from factory to farmer.

An initial 50 litres of product were produced for trial purposes with production then scaling up to a small run of 150 litres. Another small quantity has also been produced more recently.

It is in cases like these that Grotech’s expertise, experience and flexibility can add value to customers working with and trialling experimental and innovative new products. As specialists in bespoke liquid manufacturing, we can overcome hiccups in formulations or materials supply, manufacture as required and provide the relevant technical paperwork to enable production to be upscaled for wider – potentially commercial – use.

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