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Granule Production

IF you need a controlled or gradual release of your active ingredient then look no further than the use of granules as a means of application.

Grotech Production Ltd are experts in granule production, offering both impregnation and coating granulation techniques as a means of getting your active ingredient where you need it.

Our bespoke granule production services provide:

  • Choice in the sort of granules used, granulation process followed and packaging selected.
  • Partnership. We can work with you to develop and blend the granulation liquid.
  • Flexibility We can use your existing formulation supplied to us in bottles, buckets or bulk.
  • Expertise. Processing problems? No problem! Clumping together? Maybe a drying agent would help with improved flow properties.

Whatever your granule needs, we can help. See our Granule Production Services page for more details or contact us on 01405 761746.

How did Grotech’s granule production services help cat lovers in the UK?

grotech helps the world - close up of face of cat

DARK nights and cold dreary days make us all want to hunker down inside in the warmth and our pets are no exception.

Cats, in particular, are known for seeking out the cosiest, comfiest nooks and staying put for the duration!

The second most popular pet in the UK, it is estimated that there are some eight million pet cats  with five million households owning at least one!

While many moggies like, and are able, to wander at will outside, there are a large number who are housebound at least part of the time, making indoor toilet facilities a vital part of responsible pet ownership.

As bespoke contract manufacturers and packers, Grotech Production Ltd turns its hand to a wide range of chemical related goods and one such product we have been involved in developing is an anti-bacterial blue granule cat litter for potential sale in the UK. Our customer had a calcined clay granule that they wanted dyeing blue and impregnating with an anti-bacterial solution.

2 cats examining an enclosed cat litter tray

Granule production is one of our main processes at Grotech but this brief also required us to formulate the anti-bacterial solution ensuring it contained enough of the anti-bacterial agent to be effective bactericide while also being dark enough to stain the granule blue and able to dry sufficiently well to prevent the granules being sticky to the touch.

Having developed the formulation, we carried out lab trials followed by a pilot production trial. The anti-bacterial impregnated granules were mixed with another clay granule and filled into polythene sacks. The aim of the end product was to both absorb the cat’s urine in the litter tray while its anti-bacterial properties suppressed any odour.

Inconsistencies with the supplied granules meant the production process needed adapting to first sieve out and separate any oversize rogue granules and then adjust the water content in the anti-bacterial solution formulation to prevent them from becoming too soft and sticky.

During the development of the product some three tonnes of the original formulated granules were manufactured plus another five tonnes involving different variants with alternative granules, bactericides and colours. The end result? Sweet smelling bathroom facilities for the adored pets of cat lovers in the UK!

Do you have a product that needs a helping hand from experts in granule production? Grotech Production Ltd have more than 30 years’ experience in providing end to end bespoke chemical product development, manufacture and packing services. We are here to help you. Email us here or give us a call on 01405 761746.