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Granule Production Companies

WHEN it comes to the delivery of active chemical ingredients to combat pests or help a garden grow, granules offer farmers and horticulturalists a far greater degree of control over speed of application.

With some 40+ years’ experience under their belt, Grotech Production Ltd is amongst the best granule production companies in the UK. Our bespoke granule manufacturing services offer:

  • Both impregnation and coating processes for applying active ingredients to the granule
  • A choice of granules most suitable for your product including those made from recycled materials
  • End-to-end service if required including formulation support, liquid product blending, granule production, packaging and distribution.

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How did Grotech’s experience as a granule production company help carrot growers in the UK, France, Spain & Italy?

grotech helps the world - pile of carrots

AS a leader amongst granule production companies specialising in agrochemicals, we at Grotech Production Ltd often find ourselves at the forefront of ensuring food harvests, both in the UK and overseas, come out in tip top condition.

Taking remedial action against pests is generally easier when the produce is being grown above the ground and you can see what you are dealing with, but what do you do when your crop is underground and you don’t know what might be preying on it until harvest?

Root vegetables such as carrots can be the victim of nematodes, those little worms than live in the soil. They eat the tips of carrot roots and this makes them grow crooked or distorted.

Granules are often used as a means of delivering agrochemical treatments as they offer a delayed or controlled release of the active ingredient. At Grotech we provide bespoke granule production services using either impregnation or coating. The active ingredient is sprayed onto the granule and the aim with agrochemical products is that it is gradually released, either being washed out if it is impregnated or rinsed off if it is a coating.

We were approached by a client who, keen to avoid wonky carrots, wanted our help with developing their process for impregnating granules with natural extract of allium as a registered nematicide.

fresh carrots in a field

We carried out a series of trials using different absorbent granule materials such as clays and earths plus a number of liquid formulations and blending processes to ensure the active ingredient was easily absorbed. We also trialled varying packaging options tailored for ease of distribution and use. The result: an optimum product which protected growing carrots from preying nematodes.

Over the years we produced many tonnes of this product, as much as 50 tonnes+ in one year, which was used by carrot growers across the UK, France, Spain and Italy. The manufacturing process however was not without issue – the particular vegetable extract used had a particularly pungent odour that not everyone appreciates so our operators needed to be made of stern stuff and containing the smell was a challenge!

Grotech Production Ltd has some 40+ years of bespoke contract manufacturing and packaging for the agrochemical industry. We can use your existing liquid formulation to produce the granules your customers need to improve their harvest or our experienced technical team can help adjust the chemistry to either overcome issues or simply make it even more effective.

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