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IN today’s climate where the cost of packaging – both economic and environmental – is paramount, it may seem something of a paradox when we recommend putting your already packaged product into a box.

As contract manufacturers and packers, with 30+ years’ experience of developing and producing bespoke granulated, liquid and powdered goods for the agrochemical and general chemical industries, none of us want more packaging than is necessary. However, the cost of not having a box can often outweigh that of having one and, in many cases, that box can actually add business value.

For instance:

  • Boxes provide a safe way of stacking your product on to a pallet for shipping so that it arrives undamaged at its destination.
  • Boxes can be easily and accurately counted and accounted for, especially with today’s automated barcode technology, saving time at both ends of the delivery process.
  • Containing multiple individual retail units, the box enables the logistics chain to efficiently deliver the required amount of goods to your customer.
  • Build your brand by customising the boxes, making the most of the space to promote your product throughout the supply chain as it makes its way from our factory to the retailers’ shelf or even the end customer’s farmyard or construction site.

Boxes – filled to a safe weight for loading and unloading onto pallets and labelled appropriately – are often the minimum packaging required so why not ensure you get maximum value from them? We can also use biodegradable paper tape to close the boxes, taking a small but valuable step towards reducing single use plastic packaging.

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