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Chemical Gel Manufacturer

GROTECH Production may be best known for blending and packing powders and liquids, but did you know we are also a chemical gel manufacturer?

We are able to:

  • Work with you to formulate and develop your bespoke gel
  • Blend raw ingredients and pack into your specified packaging
  • Troubleshoot and process even the gloopiest gel
  • Draw up Safety Data Sheets

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How did chemical gel manufacturer Grotech Production help film makers in the UK & USA?

grotech helps the world - film camera

Working in the movies isn’t all ‘Lights! Camera! Action!’ Sometimes a little different specialist technical know-how is needed too.

Special effects are a big part of making stories come to life on the silver screen but what about when you need to be able to make them magically disappear after use especially when shooting on location?

As chemical contract manufacturers and packers offering a bespoke formulation service, we at Grotech Production Ltd are able to turn our hand to most things. Formulating, blending and packing chemical liquids, solids and granules are all in a day’s work for us and we are delighted when we get the chance to put our expertise to work on something a little different!

On this occasion, our client had been asked by the Film Studio for a paint to recolour some valuable classic motorcycles and subsequently to remove the paint after shooting. The people at F1 racing circuit Silverstone had a similar requirement where the paint had been used for temporary road markings.

image of red classic motorcycle
Valuable Classic Motorcycle used by Film Studio

Working alongside our client, we helped develop and improve the formulation for a gel of consistent quality that could effectively remove the specially formulated pain without damage, especially to the underlying paintwork of the expensive motorcycles!

We made sample batches to model the gel’s use and results in different applications and when it was demonstrated to the film studio, they described it as the paint equivalent to gaffer tape! Finally, we drew up and supplied Safety Data Sheets to accompany the products.

Thick gloopy and semi liquid in structure, the gel could have presented a manufacturing challenge but with 40+ years of experience as leading manufacturers of bespoke chemical products in multiple forms, we were able to find ways to consistently process and pack it.

Marketed alongside the specialist paint, the gel proved to be a success and we are delighted to have played a part in its ‘nursery phase’ of development.

Do you have a budding specialist chemical product that you’d like to develop further to achieve its full potential? If so, we can help. To find out more, email us here or give us a call on 01405 761746.