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Chemical Blending

How did Grotech Production’s chemical blending services help tunnellers in London?

ONE of the best things about being contract manufacturers specialising in chemical blending is the variety of products we get asked to produce.

While much of our work tends to be related to the agrochemical and horticultural chemical sectors, we also process and pack general chemical products used for a wide variety of random purposes. One such example was a range of liquid and powder formulations we were asked to blend to assist with the process of removing spoil during tunnelling operations in London.

Once combined with the spoil, the formulations formed a slurry which was easier for the tunnellers to pump out and remove. The brief saw us making a viscous solution in water from a sweet-smelling powder to form the liquid formulation while we blended an absorbent powder with emulsified rape oil to prepare the powder formulation.

The viscous nature of the ingredients used in the liquid formulation made it challenging to mix and transfer to IBCs. We also needed to overcome issues relating to the absorbent powder which tended to take in moisture and become sticky making it difficult to transfer.

With some 40+ years’ experience of chemical blending to process and pack bespoke chemical powder, liquid and granule products there isn’t much we haven’t seen or production challenges we haven’t risen to and overcome.

We have the know-how to conduct custom blending and mixing of bespoke powders and liquids for a wide range of sectors and purposes plus the facilities to handle everything from pilot scale batches to full production runs.

If you lack the experience, expertise and facilities to blend your own formulations, why not save yourself the overheads and let us do it for you? Give us a call on 01405 761746 or send us an email here and discover how we could be your perfect manufacturing partner.