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Bespoke Chemical Manufacturers

AS bespoke chemical manufacturers, flexibility and adaptability is in our DNA at Grotech Production Ltd. We offer:

  • 40+ years’ experience of producing bespoke powders, liquids and granules for the general chemical and agrochemical sectors.
  • Facilities and expertise than can provide an end-2-end service or be adapted to meet your manufacturing needs.
  • Repacking and recovery of damaged stock.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed.

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How did Grotech Production’s bespoke chemical manufacturing services help Scandinavian military vehicles?

grotech helps the world - military vehicles

ONE of the beauties of bespoke chemical contract manufacturers such as ourselves is our flexibility.

Where other manufacturers may not be able to accommodate a product because it doesn’t fit their profile, at Grotech Production Ltd we are able to adapt our processes and facilities to suit.

One such example of this is the work we have done for a customer that provided puncture repair gel. The gel contains fine fibres and is injected into a vehicle tyre. When that tyre punctures, the gel is forced into the hole to provide a seal.

We were approached by the product’s previous manufacturer to take on its production and, upon their agreement, worked with the customer to establish the process and quality criteria.

We installed the customer’s equipment and produced a pilot batch to trial the process. The blending of this batch was successful and it was passed for use as a military grade, heavy vehicle tyre sealant which was used in Scandinavian military vehicles.

close up of 2 tyres side by side against a black background

We supplied it in drums for the customer to repack into smaller units to suit the requirements of individual markets.

As a leading independent UK chemical contract manufacturing and packing company, Grotech Production Ltd has extensive bespoke production and packing experience going back some 40 years in various sectors, process techniques and packaging options.

We manufacture and pack chemical liquids, powders and granules and can also offer development and custom formulation services. We appreciate the importance of confidentiality and, when working for you, are committed to the development of your product and brand.

Sound good? If you have a product that could benefit from Grotech’s individual attention why not give us a call on 01405 761746 or send us an email here.