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droppers, flasks and chemical formulas in lab

Chemical Formulation Specialists

Grotech’s chemical formulation specialists can create new products from scratch, help you improve functionality or overcome manufacturing issues

set of plastic jerrycans

Bespoke Chemical Manufacturers

AS bespoke chemical manufacturers, flexibility and adaptability is in our DNA at Grotech Production Ltd. We offer: To

blue plastic barrels in factory

Chemical Gel Manufacturer

GROTECH Production may be best known for blending and packing powders and liquids, but did you know we

yellow and red liquid dye in water

Bespoke Chemical Products

Grotech Production Ltd has some 40+ years expertise in manufacturing and packing bespoke chemical products for a wide

chemical mixer

Chemical Blending

How did Grotech Production’s chemical blending services help tunnellers in London? ONE of the best things about being

blue plastic barrels in factory

Chemical Contract Manufacturers

How did chemical contract manufacturer Grotech Production help film makers in the UK & USA? Working in the

rows of carefully stacked pallets

Grotech does things differently

IN an innovation driven company such as Grotech Production Ltd, doing things differently is in our blood. It

grotech staff in the factory

Being Helpful the Grotech Way

AT Grotech Production Ltd we pride ourselves on being the ‘helpful manufacturing people’ and there are many ways