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Product Formulation Adjustment

FRESH input can often breathe new life into an outdated or underperforming product.

Grotech Production Ltd has a team of technical experts experienced in product formulation adjustment that can do just that. We have the skills and equipment to:

  • Rework your existing product to a new specification
  • Develop your product to improve such properties as its stability or adapt the way it is used
  • Make cosmetic changes like the way it looks or smells

We can even take your idea for a totally new product and work with you to create it from scratch!

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How did Grotech’s experience with product formulation adjustment help with slippery baths in the UK?

grotech helps the world - bathtub

BATHTIME should be a joy. A chance to unwind and enjoy the soothing warmth of gently lapping water and fragrant soapy bubbles.

However, such a time isn’t without its risks! Soapy bubbles and other bath products can make for slippery surfaces which take totally take the relaxation factor out of having a bath.

One of our customers came up with an idea for a product that could take some of the potential peril out of getting in and out of the bath. They thought it would particularly appeal to hotel, guesthouse and accommodation to let sectors where guests find themselves negotiating an unfamiliar, often deep, bath.

They came to us with the beginnings of a specialist product formulation that would etch the surface of a conventionally enamelled bath making it less of a slip hazard.

bathing accessories

Our technical team worked with them in the formulation process, adjusting raw materials to achieve the required pH and corrosive formula and create the product’s final characteristics. The nature of the ingredients used in the finished product meant great care needed to be taken both while manufacturing and packing. It was also essential the packaging components – bottles and caps – used were suitable and could safely contain the solution within.

Such a formulation project was just up our street. At Grotech we have some 40+ years’ experience of providing a bespoke end to end contract chemical manufacturing and packing service. We have the specialist equipment and expertise needed to formulate and manufacture powders, liquids and granules for a wide range of sectors from industrial cleaning to horticulture and farming.

Whether you need formulation know-how to take your product idea from concept to shelf or you simply want to revitalise an existing formulation to develop its performance or marketing appeal, we can help.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and, being customer led, will work closely with you learning from and being guided by your knowledge and objectives while adding value with our formulating expertise and practical manufacturing background.

As contract manufacturers much of our business is white label. Customer confidentiality throughout our working relationship with you is a given and we will happily accommodate your requirements regarding ownership and control of all intellectual property.

To find out if Grotech could be the missing ingredient in your formulation process, give us a call on 01405 761746 or email us here.