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New Product Formulation

Dog Lovers in the UK

We’ve reached that time of year that dog owners know as the ‘muddy months’ when any walk ‘off road’ is going to mean bath time when returning home!

But if getting Mutley to stand still long enough to get him clean isn’t enough of a problem, knowing which products to use to aid the process while not causing potential harm to his coat can be quite a dilemma.

At Grotech Production Ltd we have been lending our experience of new product formulation plus liquid blending and packing to a couple of businesses in the dog grooming sector. Both companies were keen that their products only feature natural ingredients with green credentials that would not only clean but condition coats and – for those pooches who love nothing better than to roll around in something that you find less than delightful – deodorise!

We worked closely with these customers both on bespoke product formulation, developing ranges of products that featured their desired fragrances and physical products, and also packaging, coming up with a bottle closure that met stringent shipping requirements.

The nature of the products meant they were thick, gooey and difficult to fill but all in a day’s work for our experienced liquid blending and filling team. For one customer, we produced and packed more than 250 litres of each variant bringing bath time delight to hundreds of dogs and their grateful owners!

If you have an idea for a product that you’d like to see realised – give us a call! We specialise not only in formulation for bespoke new product development but are able to provide an end to end service taking your germ of an idea through sample manufacture, testing, batch production, filling and packing and despatch. We can even provide any quality or safety data paperwork you may require.

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