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New Product Development

Cyclists with Punctures

The number of cyclists on our roads this year has increased exponentially.

We’ve sought to make the most of our exercise opportunities during Lockdown and, more recently, have been encouraged to get on our bikes as a socially distant, environmentally friendly form of transport by the Government’s £50 voucher Fix Your Bike scheme.

It stands to reason then that more people than ever will have known that sinking feeling – quite literally – when their bike gets a puncture and air hisses out of their tyre! But never fear, Grotech’s new product development team has harnessed the power of nanotechnology to make tricky kerbside puncture repairs a thing of the past!

Pumped by hand into a tyre via its valve with a simple bicycle pump, bicycle puncture sealant Wheelgoo fires microfibres 25 times finer than a human hair into the hole and then bonds them together with nano-spheres to form a robust and airtight seal.

It takes just five minutes to use and as well as repairing punctures on the go, Wheelgoo can be used as a tyre maintenance / puncture prevention tool.

Wheelgoo’s unique dilatant fluid containing the microfibres was formulated by a world leading inventor in conjunction with Grotech Production Ltd’s new product development team and we also mix, manufacture and pack it into 250ml bottles.

The consistency of Wheelgoo makes the bottling process a challenging one with the nano fibres designed to block small holes under pressure.

Wheelgoo is a prime example of our ability to provide a complete end to end supply chain service from new product development to pack and despatch! Interested in knowing how we can lend our expertise to your new products? Contact us on 01405 761746 or click here to send us an email.