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New Product Development

NEW product development is one of the things Grotech Production Ltd does best. With 40+ years’ experience of manufacturing and packaging bespoke products for the general chemical, agrochemical and horticultural chemical sectors, our product development team is well versed in establishing customer needs and taking you through the development cycle to culminate in a successful product. We can:

  • Work with you through the complete new product development process from concept development to finished product.
  • Help you rework an existing product to appeal to a new target audience and attract customers.
  • Add value to product innovation with new ideas relating to product application and packaging aimed at increasing your market share.

For more information on how we can help take your entirely new idea from product concept to product launch, take a look at our Custom Formulation Services page.

How did Grotech Production’s new product development service help cyclists with punctures?

grotech helps the world - cyclists with punctures

Product innovation often goes hand in hand with new product development as businesses strive to bring something new to market that gives them a competitive advantage.

This ‘something new’ could be in terms of how a finished product is packaged to make it easier for the end customer to use, or it could be harnessing new technology to open up a new target market.

When Grotech’s product development team came across the power of nanotechnology they deployed it to come to the rescue of cyclists across the UK.

The team joined forces with a world leading inventor who had formulated a unique dilatant fluid containing microfibres to create a product called Wheelgoo. A bicycle puncture sealant, Wheelgoo contains microfibres 25 times finer that a human hair which, when pumped by hand into the value of a deflating tyre via a simple bicycle pump, are fired into the hole and bond together with nanospheres to form a robust airtight seal in just five minutes.

close up of someone fixing a bicycle wheel

In addition to working on the concept development stage for Wheelgoo, exploring product ideas, market research and technical feasibility, Grotech was ideally placed to produce trial batches for concept testing and test marketing before moving on to full scale production of the finished product.

We mixed and filled the product into 250ml bottles calling upon our expertise in working with bespoke chemical products to overcome the challenge of bottling a product of Wheelgoo’s consistency where the nano fibres are designed to block small holes under pressure.

Wheelgoo is a prime example of Grotech’s ability to deliver the complete new product development process from idea generation to pack and despatch. Interested in knowing how our knowledge and experience could open up new markets for your new products? Contact us on 01405 761746 or click here to send us an email.