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From Idea to Shelf – Developing your Chemical Products

Let us make your idea a reality

HAD a brainwave? Come up with an idea for a brilliant chemical product but don’t know what to do next?

Sometimes coming up with the initial idea for a product can be the easy bit! It’s how to turn that idea into reality that’s more difficult.

As the ‘helpful manufacturing people’, we at Grotech Production Ltd thrive on developing your chemical products. With some 40+ years’ experience as contract manufacturers and packers to the agrochemical, horticultural chemical and general chemical sectors, taking bespoke chemical products from concept to shelf is bread and butter to us.

Our formulation technicians are chemical engineers with indepth knowledge that enable them to either develop chemical products from scratch or modify existing formulations to improve product properties, process optimization or consumer application.

So, whether your chemical product is a one off or part of a wider range or you see it as the start of a new venture, look no further. We can help but the more information you can give us about what you want the shorter the lead time to your new product will be. Here are a few questions and answers to help your thinking process…

I’ve an idea for a product but I’m not technical. Can you help?

We certainly can! Think of us as your partners in your product development and production journey. We can work with you to determine what you want your product to do, the product properties, how it will be packaged and, that all important budget.

The more thought you put into your product the quicker, easier and cheaper the development process will be for you. Understandably you want your product to be the best it can be but to make it practically feasible, an element of compromise is likely to be needed. By providing as much information to us as possible upfront, the better focused we can be in taking you through the product development process and subsequent manufacturing process to navigate property constraints, focus your expectations and through our combined effort, design a product that meets both your idea and your target market’s requirements.

My competitor has a product I like – can you make it for me?

While we always aim to meet our customers’ needs, we won’t steal IP from another company. If you want to replicate the effects of an existing product, we can use our expertise and technical know-how to create an original formulation that could be even better than what your competitor has to offer.

close up of someone handling test tubes in a laboratory

I have a product that was made by someone else, but I need a new supplier. Can you help?

We will do our best. Most manufacturers have their own processes and unique ways of working which can’t be replicated. However, if your chemical product falls within our remit, with the formulation and specification information provided, our manufacturing operations should be able to help.

I am very eco conscious, can my product reflect my philosophy?

Almost certainly! Environmental sustainability is something very close to our hearts at Grotech and we encourage our customers in this direction as much as practically feasible. We work with many raw material suppliers who share this philosophy but it’s worth bearing in mind that being ‘green’ isn’t always the most inexpensive solution.

Besides cost you also need to be aware of what being ‘environmentally friendly’ actually means and be careful not to make claims that can’t be substantiated. We can advise upon appropriate wording to avoid any misleading claims being made on products we manufacture for you.

I want to undercut my rivals – can you make something cheap for me?

Keeping within budget and minimising cost are amongst our primary deliverables – especially when it is a key criteria for our customer – but we also believe in adding value. Achieving a balance between cost, good product quality and innovation is important in terms of long-term customer relations and sustainable sales.

I want to make sure that I can retain the rights to the product and not lose the IP

If you pay for the development of your product and its formulation, you get complete ownership of the IP for that product. It’s as simple as that. We work in a flexible confidential way and will be as open and transparent with you about our processes as we can.

I want to develop a product from scratch – how long will it take?

How long is a piece of string? Our aim is always to achieve a short time to market but how quick that will be is largely in your own hands. The more information and focus you provide us with upfront, the quicker the development process. Generally, the faster it is required, the more it will cost as we dedicate our product development experts’ time to your project.

However, setting aside any unforeseen major difficulty that might slow it down, a basic project might take a few months to complete.

Grotech Production Ltd has the technical expertise and manufacturing operations to take development of your chemical product from concept to shelf. Whether you require a powder, liquid or granule product in a small quantity or produced in bulk, we can help. To find out more talk to us today. Phone us on 01405 761746 or send us an email here.