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Customised Formulation Services

GROTECH Production’s customised formulation services offer:

  • A customised level of service ranging from complete development projects to reworking existing formulations to new specifications or tweaking formulations to enhance use or overcome issues;
  • Experienced technical support to work with and boost your inhouse expertise
  • Completely confidential services including ownership and control of all intellectual property.

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How did Grotech Production’s customised formulation services help transport companies in Scotland?

grotech helps the world - lorries in a depot

Academia combined neatly with industry expertise to produce a range of products to enhance the operation of diesel-powered vehicles ranging from buses and lorries to cars and motorcycles.

Our brief from a client in Scotland was to develop a formulation under the guidance of their university academic consultant. The original aim was to develop fuel additives to improve the engine fuel economy.

The formulation was initially guided by the academic research but practicality soon came into play with such considerations as cost and availability of some materials plus the impact on the health and safety profile of the finished product.

With some 40+ years of experience of formulating and manufacturing general chemical products, the technical experts and their production colleagues at Grotech Production Ltd were well placed to be able to advise on and implement the necessary changes using a flammable vapour environment to ensure mixing and product processing was conducted safely.

close up of headlights of a car

This resulted firstly in a formulation suited to the larger diesel engines of buses and lorries which was later adjusted to develop a fuel additive for cars and motorcycles.

The product range was also extended from fuel additives to include a filter cleaner and engine flush with the products packed into retail units ranging from 50ml motorcycle additives to five litre bottles for fleet use. We also developed a 500ml dosing bottle for the client.

Do you have need of customised formulation services to bring your bespoke general chemical product to market? Perhaps you want to extend a product for wider use but lack the technical know-how to modify your formulation? Or maybe you want bespoke packaging to make your product more user friendly or simply to stand out from the crowd on retailers’ shelves?

Whatever your formulation need, Grotech Production Ltd can help. Send us an email here to find out more.