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Bespoke Formulation Services

WHAT do you do when your bespoke specialised agricultural product isn’t working as well as it should? You call in the experts!

That’s exactly what agricultural crop and plant nutritional specialists Demeter Technology Ltd did when they called upon the bespoke formulation services of Grotech Production Ltd.

As contract manufacturers and packers with some 30+ years of experience producing bespoke products for the agricultural and horticultural sectors, we at Grotech are well placed with the specialist equipment and know-how to get to the heart of why granules are clumping together, your liquids are going lumpy and powder products are no longer powdery!

Demeter Technology Ltd have been in business for some 12 years selling trace elements for plants, supplying nutrients that maybe lacking from the soil in which they are planted.

“A lot of what we sell are solutions aimed at overcoming nutritional deficiencies which plants need to grow well. Different plants need different amounts and different types of nutrients,” explained Dr Anne Noble from Demeter Technology Ltd.

“Many factors can impact how well a plant grows – the climate, weather and soil type being just a few. We develop tailor made products in powder, granule and liquid form to supply specific nutrients to plants through their foliage and soil to maximise growth and therefore yield for the farmer.”

Demeter’s have around 40 products in their range some of which are more general and wide-ranging in purpose while others are more specific requiring expert knowledge and specialist equipment to manufacture. That’s where Grotech comes in.

“We’ve been working with Grotech for about 10 years and have developed a close working relationship over this time. As well as manufacturing products for market, they have helped us a few times with development work including, most recently, with tweaking a formulation that wasn’t working as well as it could to make it much better,” explained Anne.

“They are a company that we know will do the job properly for us. They have the specialist technical knowledge and equipment needed to produce those more complex individual niche products that are custom made for our customers. They have put that to good use in helping overcome any snags we may have experienced in the past.”

Do you have a development problem with your unique product that our bespoke formulation services could help you overcome? If so, email us here or give us a call on on 01405 761746.