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Bespoke Formulation Companies

GROTECH Production Ltd is one of the UK’s leading bespoke formulation companies with some 40+ years’ experience in product development services.

We have:

  • The technical expertise you need to develop a new product from scratch or tweak an existing formulation so that it works better.
  • Pilot plant facilities to enable samples and trial batches to be cost effectively produced.
  • The capability to upscale production as your new product – whether it be in powder, liquid or granule form – takes off.
  • Confidentiality as our middle name! Ownership and control of all intellectual property is yours.

For more on what makes Grotech one of the best bespoke formulation companies in the UK, see our custom formulation services page for further details.

How did Grotech’s experience as a bespoke formulation company help motor racing at Silverstone?

grotech helps the world - car at silverstone

NOW you see it… now you don’t! But what do you do when that paint won’t wash off? That’s where Grotech Production Ltd comes in!

As one of the UK’s leading bespoke formulation companies, we have some 40+ years’ experience of developing, manufacturing and packing bespoke chemical products for a whole range of sectors including industrial cleaning and agrochemical. We blend and fill liquid, powder and granule products for a whole range of purposes and every so often we receive a more unusual request for our formulation development and production skills.

In this particular case, our customer had developed a special paint formulation that could be used to temporarily mark road surfaces with directions, such as those required for landing helicopters on short term helipads at the UK home of motor racing, Silverstone. These markings needed to be able to be removed quickly and efficiently and they asked us to develop and manufacture a fluid that would do just that.

We already had some experience of working with this type of paint previously having formulated a similar product that was used to remove paint from vehicles that had been specially coated for use on a film set.

white arrow marking on asphalt road

With this brief our focus was on creating a rapid effective paint remover which would pose minimal hazard to those operators carrying out the cleaning operation. As this was a specialist single-use product requiring relatively small quantities we were able to efficiently and cost effectively manufacture and pack it in our small batch capacity production facilities.

We put samples of the removal fluid to the test in our own car park checking for speedy and effective paint removal on both tarmac and concrete surfaces before finalising the formulation and completing production in time for the next race event the following weekend. The result? Paint-free surfaces quickly achieved when needed and one happy customer!

If you would like the flexibility of working with a bespoke contract chemical manufacturer capable of producing, to tight lead times, both small batches from 50kg for powders or 100 litres for liquids to large runs of 1,500kg / 5,000 litres, from formulation to despatch, why not get in touch?

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