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Bespoke Fertiliser Formulation

Discovering the benefits of dog pee!

IT’S that time of year when the lawn mower is coming out of winter hibernation and those dog owners amongst us are shaking our heads at what our beloved pooches are doing to the grass!

Thanks to doggies using our gardens as their toilets, we have significant tufts of grass which are taller than the surrounding lawn, often encircling an area where the grass has died.

While urine is essentially pH neutral, it contains urea and other salts that act as fertilisers. These can help the grass grow – hence the tall tufts – but as the adage goes, you can have too much of a good thing!

As your dog’s pee diffuses through the soil, the concentrations of salt decrease having a beneficial effect. But if the grass receives too much of the salts, then the opposite effect occurs, damaging and killing it.

Damage occurs in several ways:

  • The salts soaks into the soil and are absorbed by the roots. Localised high levels of salt accumulate to become toxic and, as the water evaporates from the surface of the blades of grass, the salt is left behind, killing the cells of the blades and potentially, ultimately, killing the grass itself.
  • Urine can directly damage the grass when the salts come into contact with the blades’ surface. This can kill the cells of the blades especially as the urine evaporates and the salts are further concentrated.
  • On sunny days, the water in the urine can magnify the sun’s rays and cause additional sun damage.

The degree of damage caused varies depending on the maturity of the lawn, how big your dog’s bladder is and how hydrated they are and the amount of sunlight the grass receives.

But how do you limit this damage? With water! By watering the grass shortly after your dog has peed upon it, you will wash the urine off the blades. This will both reduce the burning effects of the salts and dilute them so that they diffuse into the soil more evenly to have a more beneficial impact.

Here at Grotech Production Ltd, as contract manufacturers and packers to the agriculture and horticulture sectors, we are experts in harnessing those chemical elements that encourage growth and ensuring their application is even and balanced. We formulate, make and pack a wide range of products in powder, liquid and granule form either manufacturing to your specifications or working with you to develop a bespoke formula.

If you require a fertiliser with specific nutrient content to meet the needs of certain crops or soil types, then look no further. Our bespoke NPK team can tailor-make formulations to meet your exact needs including such properties as pH, colour and density. All our formulations are checked for stability, dissolution and any other criteria that need to be met, all in line with CIPAC methods.

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