Grotech Has It In The Bag

QUESTION: when is a bag not a bag? Answer: when it’s a pouch or a sack!

Whatever you require from a ‘bag’, when it comes to packaging for your products, we at Grotech Production Ltd can help.

As leading contract manufacturers and packers of bespoke liquids, powders, granules and solids, filling bags, pouches and sacks is all in a day’s work for us and while they come in all shapes and sizes, with 30+ years of experience in the agrochemical and general chemicals industries, we are well positioned to advise you on the most suitable bag for your product.

This can range from the paper block bottomed variety most commonly associated with flour, used either with or without an internal polythene coating, to a three sided or gussetted pouch maybe with a window to reveal the contents or featuring an eyecatching silver or gold foil laminate.

Maybe you want a soluble sachet that can dissolve in water – cold or warm – which can be printed, or not, as you require. All our packaging can be personalised with printing or labelling, produced to be biodegradable if needed and sealed with glue or heat.

Need something bigger? We have all sorts of polythene sacks or lined polypropylene woven sacks that are UN certified or even Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), those really big bags that are like a small tent and have a spout at the top and bottom.

How big you need to go will be determined by the bulk density of your product. For instance, a kilo of sand takes up much less space than a kilo of flour which in turn needs less room than a kilo of feathers, wool shoddy or sawdust!

Next to decide – how to close your bag? With a reuseable tie, heat-seal, valve or sewn with or without anti-sift tape?

Flummoxed by all the options? Let us help! Contact us on 01405 761 746