Putting A Label On It

PRODUCT labels are important. Not only are they informative and brand building but in many cases they are a legal requirement.

At Grotech Production Ltd we won’t fill anything without being able to identify what is in the container and if the product is to be supplied to the consumer, then it must comply with the labelling regulations for hazardous content.

A product’s label is responsible for a lot. It informs about the contents of the container – what the product is called, what it is made up of, any expiry dates or instructions for use, who made it and where, batch details etc. It helps build a brand for the product and what it aims to do and can even produce a customised connection with the consumer.

It’s understandable then that the label can be a source of much attention and something that the product developer wants to keep within their control. Sometimes they develop the label in conjunction with a designer or do it themselves inhouse.

However, more often than not, factors other than how the label will look when displayed on the product on the shelf need to be taken into account. The shape and size of a label is generally determined by the container it’s going on while the material from which they are made is influenced by where they are going to be stored. For instance, products kept in a greenhouse could need a harder wearing polythene label rather than a varnished paper label which could weather and disintegrate in ever changing climate conditions. Similarly, the nature of the adhesive sticking the label to the container could be a matter of concern if there’s the possibility of solvent transpiring through the container to affect it.

Not addressing these factors upfront can impact on production timetables or lead to important considerations being missed.

As Yorkshire’s premier contract manufacturers and packers for the agrochemical, horti-chem and general chemical industries, Grotech Production Ltd has 30+ years of experience of developing and applying labels that inform and engage with the customer, meet legal requirements, are fit for purpose and, at the very least, last the lifespan of the product.

We have reliable label printers nearby with whom we work regularly who specialise in patch and reel-fed labels. We can advise on the design of labels and get these printed too. If we can help you put a label on your product, get in touch: contact us on 01405 761 746