Specialising in ‘Something Different’

EVERYONE wants their product to stand out in a crowd and the question ‘can we have something different?’ is music to the ears of innovation driven contract manufacturers like ourselves.

The ‘something different’ can apply to anything from formulation to packaging, labels to even palletisation and as full manufacturing and packing service providers to the agrochemical and general chemical industries with 30+ years of experience, Grotech Production Ltd is well placed to help you find your USP.

Formulation wise, we can work with you to deploy some ‘chemistry magic’ to reduce sedimentation, make it more ‘gloopy’ or a more attractive colour. Some horticultural markets like their products to be thick and brown regardless of what chemicals they contain. If granules are your thing you may want a different absorbent variety made of recycled newsprint or to feature an environmentally friendly surfactant. Powders prone to clumping in the sack may benefit from a particular processing aid during blending which helps prevent this.

If your ‘something different’ is your packaging then you may want a bottle that is a particular shape or colour or perhaps it needs fitting with a special cap for dosing, venting, providing tamper evidence or that is child resistant. Alternatively, package in a pouch with a transparent panel to showcase the contents or stand out on the shelf with gold laminate. Pouches can also have resealable openings or be soluble in warm water.

If packaging in a bucket then it may need to be square for efficient palletisation or, if it’s cylindrical, your labels may need to be curved. Labels provide masses of opportunities for differentiation: they can be of a leaflet design including all the information required while a printed sleeve, shrunk to the container, may be able to do this while also providing tamper evidence and the ability to label an unusual shape.

Multiple units benefit from being in a box for distribution. Shipping cartons with handholes are easier to manoeuvre while if your box is going to be on display as part of a launch, you will want it to reflect and promote the product within.

Palletisation can also be made bespoke if, for instance, buckets need to be secure yet prevented from knocking against each other during transit. And palletised goods can also be used as an advertising opportunity should large fully branded labels be applied to the wrapped pallet. This can be particularly useful where pallets of products are on view to consumers such as within construction sites, warehouses or farmyards.

Whatever your ‘something different’ may be, Grotech has the inspiration and experience to help you turn it into a reality. To find out more contact us on 01405 761 746