Playing a part in eradicating mould

GROTECH Production Ltd has been given the thumbs-up by a firm of mould remediation and control experts who are on a mission to help eradicate mould and mildew in the UK and Europe.

Guardian Mould Experts provide a range of services in the Greater London area where they are located, aimed at eliminating mould and mildew from home and businesses and preventing it from returning.

Now Richard Murtagh, Managing Director of Guardian Mould Experts Ltd, is looking to extend his company’s reach by launching effective mould removal products that people can use themselves in their own homes, cars, boats, offices and work spaces.

To enable him to develop and make the products, Richard turned to Grotech Production Ltd, specialists in contract manufacturing and packaging for powders, granules and liquids for the agricultural, horticultural, household, motor and construction industries.

Grotech worked closely with Richard to help develop the formulation as well as sourcing the best packaging materials for his exciting new product.

After nearly a decade in the industry Richard knew what type of products worked and what he wanted to develop. He worked with the company’s Technical Manager Tom Grayson on developing the exact formula for a Mould & Mildew Remover which Grotech then manufactured and packaged under the Guardian Mould Solutions brand.

“I had a good idea of what I wanted and Tom helped me to finalise it. There were a number of mould removal products on the market already, but the difference with ours is the combination and amounts of active ingredient it contains, which ensures it is effective not only at eliminating mould spores but removing any lingering stains from all surfaces,” explained Richard.

The Mould and Mildew Remover is now on sale online via Amazon and eBay either as a stand alone trigger spray bottle or as part of various mould elimination kits. Sales are progressing well and Richard is also hopeful of it soon being taken up by some high street DIY stores.

“I initially contacted 23 contract manufacturers but only three came back to say they were able to help. Grotech stood out in terms of their communication which was fantastic and the help I received from Tom in developing the chemical composition of the product was second to none,” said Richard.

“Once I decided they were the company I wanted to work with they have done everything for me. They have exceeded my expectations in terms of the product they have developed and produced as well as the enthusiasm and level of customer service I have received. We are now in the process of developing a second product that can be painted onto the treated surfaces to prevent future mould growth.”

Thomas Grayson, Technical Manager said: “We are well positioned to help companies like Richard’s and we enjoy the challenge of taking new and innovative ideas and making them a saleable product. Projects like this require that we consider factors across the life-cycle process of a product and as with any development process we faced challenges around meeting the requirements of the brief, from the appropriate selection of raw materials to ensuring good end product stability. In the end I feel like we produced something that we can make economically and that is acceptable to our customer.”

>Grotech would like to thank Guardian Mould for choosing them to play a key role in the launch of their new product.